Waking up to the news about Community

This morning we woke up to the news that Dan Harmon was out as the showrunner for Community.

Community meme for Dan Harmon

We’ll miss you Dan! Like Megan Ganz said: you are irreplaceable.

One Comment on "Waking up to the news about Community"

  1. Terrijo says:

    This is the second time I’ve read an aritcle like this (the first one was on the AV Club), and they mentioned the same point as above: Showrunners get fired all the time, you just never noticed. They’re example was Cheers, which got a new showrunner in the 3rd season, and obviously the show enjoyed many good years long after that. Add to that the fact that the new guys come from a good show, and I have faith that Community will be ok. Dan Harmon clearly needs a network/studio with a lot of patience to work with him, and it sounds like he’s burning a lot of bridges. He’s the one I’d be worried about.

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